Photograph Specialist
Professional Photographic Services and Photo Editing / Illustration / Design / Websites

The Business

  • Specialize in the taking of unique photographs followed by professional photo editing to enhance or modify the image
  • Taking care of your unique photographs, slides, or negatives, to digitize them or make them look like new again.
    Even add colour to make them look alive
  • Designing of book covers and marketing materials
  • Website Design. Specializing in WordPress and custom designs like this one
  • Tools of choice are Canon Cameras, scanners, printers. Adobe Software, including Photo Shop for Photo Editing


  • Portraits
  • Customized Portraits
  • Macro / Close up
  • Artistic



  • Scanning - Photographs, slides, negatives or documents
  • Photographing - large documents or objects that won't fit into a scanner


  • Repair old photographs that are damaged
  • Restore the look of old and/or faded photograph
  • Remove or add objects or people
  • Colourization - Add colour to black & white photographs

Photo Illustration/Graphic Design

  • Book Covers for print or e-Books
  • Post Cards
  • Bookmarks
  • Other marketing materials
  • Design and print or you print at your printer

The Person Behind the Camera and Computer

Roger Czerneda has been a professional photographer and computer IT person for over 20 years.

Roger’s love of photography began when he worked part-time at his uncle’s camera store. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo, Roger worked as an environmental chemist and computer programmer, all the while continuing to develop his photographic and graphic design skills.

Contact and Services Information

First Contact:


My physical work area is Eastern Ontario Canada

We can meet, get together to do photo shoots,
hand me your photos for me to work on, etc.


We can work together from anywhere in the world,
as long as you have access to the Internet.
If your photographs are in a digital format on your computer,
we can share in so many ways.
Contact me for further information and "How To" details.